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Cox-Manville Steinbeck Bibliography

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The Steinbeck Bibliography is a growing collection of more than 12,000 citations and abstracts from journals, popular magazines, and newspapers. You can find information on reviews of Steinbeck’s novels, criticisms, discussions of characters, interviews, events, film reviews, history, politics, his travels, and articles written and published by Steinbeck.


  1. Search using a complete phrase or keyword such as: Author’s style or Teaching materials.
  2. Narrow your search by entering another phrase or keyword. Enter search Mice and Men.
  3. To further narrow the results, enter play production to get citations for background information on the play.
  4. Sort the results with the Author, Title, Journal, Subject, and Date fields.

To request the complete article, copy the title and record number and paste in an email to .

Screenshot of an example search using the Bibliography site's Quick Search function.

Keyword Glossary

Titles of novels and keywords will autofill, so double-check search terms before pressing enter. Use keywords to narrow your search to related articles.


Actors – Actors or cast members discussed or interviewed in any Steinbeck production

Artwork – Paintings, sculptures, illustrations

Author’s style – A criticism or reference to Steinbeck’s writing style, philosophy and process

Author’s travels – Steinbeck’s travels, touring. Use the proper place name. See also travelogue.

Awards – Any award or prize


Biography – Articles contain information on Steinbeck’s life

Biographies – Book reviews or production of an in-depth biography on Steinbeck

Book, Film, Musical, Opera, Play, Television – Use with review or production


Camps – Arvin, Weedpatch or federal camps

Censorship – Ban, banned, burned

Characters – Characters in Steinbeck’s fiction are discussed

Collections – Reference to archives, libraries, and private collections

Correspondence – Reference to and of letters between Steinbeck and others

Criticism – In-depth article on Steinbeck’s writings, style, characters, process, symbolism


Ecology – Environment, nature

Events – Birthdays, conferences, exhibits, festivals, community readings

Excerpt – Any Steinbeck work published in part, usually in a magazine or journal


Family – For general searching. Or use a proper name: Carol, Gwyn, Elaine (wives) Olive (mother) John (father) Mary, Beth, Esther (sisters) Thomas or Thom, John IV (sons)

Friends – For general searching. Or use a proper name: Ricketts, Benchley, Campbell, Covici, Kazan, Sheffield, etc.


History – Historical content and context around Steinbeck’s life, works, locales, homes, travels

Homes – Reference to anywhere Steinbeck lived, the houses or towns, estate sales

Humor – Satire, parody

Interview – Interview or quotes about Steinbeck, from the author, family, friends, or scholars


Legal – Lawsuit or legal action

Lecture – Classroom or conference talks

Locales – Places named, used, or mentioned in Steinbeck’s works, Steinbeck country

Migrants – For migrant farm workers

Music – Musicians, music, songs, librettos, recordings

National Steinbeck Center – Located in Salinas and not at San José State University


Obituary – Memorial, memorial service, eulogy for Steinbeck, family, friends

Okies – Specific reference to the Midwest migrants of the dust bowl

Original work – Steinbeck articles published in journals, newspapers, or magazines. To see a list of magazine and newspaper articles written by Steinbeck, enter “Steinbeck” in the Author field and “Original work” in the Subject/Keyword field.


Politics – A mention or reference of politics

Production – Backstory on development of a work or adaptation. Use with book, play, film, opera or television. Information on reprints, copies, pricing, sales and publishing

Religion – Steinbeck’s use and criticisms of religious reference

Review – Critical evaluations of a specific work, use with Book, Film, Opera, Play, etc

Scholars – Information on research by and for scholars


Teaching materials – Classroom, school, curricula, student guides, textbooks, young adult, project suggestions, censorship history

Translations – Information on translated edition

Travelogue – Articles on Steinbeck’s travels, locales and homes. See also author’s travels.

Unpublished – For works not officially published